better turf with humic materials and fulvic acid

be turf 220x220Thanks to their unparalleled richness in humic acid, Black Earth products promote the growth of root structures, bolster the mass of plants and improve the overall health of turf. They also give turf a deeper colour and a thicker, lusher feel…exactly what people look for as signs of top-quality turf.

Black Earth Humic has a uniquely potent ability to bind nutrients in your soil, making them more available for plants and the microorganisms that support soil health. Black Earth products also improve soil texture and its capacity to retain moisture.

Promote the growth of root structures.

Black Earth products perfectly suited to turf applications include ACTIV80 GG (as soil amendment), ACTIV 12 and ACTIV80 FC (as foliar spray), and ACTIV80 DS (to make liquid). ACTIV80 GG and ACTIV80 DS can also be used as binding/coating agents for granular fertilizers or seeds. Our products can be mixed and are compatible with most nutrients and other treatment agents.