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ACTIV FC is an organic concentrated nano-filtered hydrophobic fulvic acid.

ACTIV FC is ideal for foliar applications, starter fertilizer, hydroponics and herbicide applications. 


Content Analysis
Parameter Level
Hydrophobic Fulvic Acids (HPTA/Lamar Method) 1.3%
Inert Ingredients (Water) 98.7%
pH 6.0
Specific Gravity 1.05

Directions for Use

Fertilizer Blends: 
Add ACTIV FC at a rate of 75-220mL/ha (1-3oz/acre) of liquid fertilizer then apply at the applicable rate of the fertilizer.

Other Uses: 
This product is well suited for companies conducting secondary manufacturing with blend formulations and extraction of active ingredients. Please contact Black Earth for more information. 

Black Earth ACTIV FC is OMRI ListedView MSDS Sheet. (MSDS opens in new window)

Custom Products:

Black Earth can produce and supply special products to meet your specific requirements.

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