soil remediation with humic products

Environmental applications for Black Earth humic

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With their unparalleled power to improve soil conditions and promote the growth of certain plants, Black Earth’s humic products can be used to remediate soil from hydrocarbon and salt contamination.

Due to their ability to chelate metals, humic substances reduce the toxicity of mine tailings and improve their soil texture. In waste, they help reduce odor and enhance the digestion of sludge. When added to groundwater, humic substances help flush out hydrocarbons in fractured rocks. And when temporary use of an area is required, Black Earth products combined with ammonia and certain minerals help compact and stabilize soil.

The remediation benefits of Black Earth products come largely from their ability to add available carbon, improve soil texture and water retention, and enhances growth and metabolism in soil microorganisms.

Products suitable for environmental applications include ACTIV80 AG and ACTIV 12 (as soil amendment) and ACTIV80 DS (to make liquid). Our products can be mixed and are compatible with most treatment agents including bioenzymes and microorganisms.

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