improve your drilling mud efficiency with humics

Downhole applications for Black Earth humic

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Mined exclusively for Black Earth Humic along the sub-bituminous coalfields of Alberta, Black Earth humalite enhances filtration control, improves filter cake quality, is an excellent thinner (pH between 3.2 - 4.1) and offers temperature stability at 200ºC+. The benefits of Black Earth’s humalite are by no means limited to the agricultural world. Recognizing its excellence as a fluid loss and rheology control additive in water-based drilling muds, Black Earth has developed products that dramatically boost the efficiency of drilling muds.


See the results when humic is used to condition drilling muds and remediate toxic soil. Improve rheology, compact soil for temporary work sites and repair contaminated, toxic soils. Black Earth is an environmentally safe, organic and Alberta-sourced humic substance.

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