Golf Industry Show - Humic Acid and Gorgeous Green Links!

Posted by Marty Dilworth on Feb 6, 2017 12:05:46 PM

With hundreds of exhibitors, the Golf Industry Show is an excellent opportunity to network and build awareness for humic acid's applications in turfgrass. The show lasts February 4th until the 9th featuring world class speaker series and educational seminars targeted to golf course superintendents, course owners and technicians.

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Prairie Humic Acid Distributors in Brandon This Week - Manitoba Ag Days 2017!

Posted by Marty Dilworth on Jan 17, 2017 12:00:08 PM

As one of the largest Western Canadian agricultural exhibitions, The Manitoba Ag Days show is a key event to introduce innovative product solutions to one of the main agricultural production hubs in Canada. The show draws 20,000 daily visitors to the Keystone Center in Brandon, Manitoba. Attendees include a diverse selection of industry leading growers, product manufacturers, trade organizations, and suppliers.

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For the Love of Water: Mother Nature & Humates

Posted by Marty Dilworth on Jan 4, 2017 11:22:21 AM

Every living creature needs and loves water. No water equals no life, at least on this planet! In fact, humans are made of about 65% water, water covers about 71% of the Earth, and if you stopped drinking water, you will be 100% dead within days. Water is integral to our survival as a species, as well as all other carbon based life. You need water before you need food. You need water before you need shelter. The world needs water, and it seems to be disappearing before our eyes. 


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Black Earth Humates in Southern Illinois

Posted by Brett Halliday on Jan 24, 2014 8:46:00 AM

Black Earth has been very fortunate to gain a business partner and friend in southern Illinois, Mike Shotts-Top Shot Ag.

Mike is a small business owner, farmer and family man who heard about the benefits of humates only a short time ago.

With his in-depth knowledge in local agriculture and passion for improving the lives of others, he decided that he could benefit his community of growers, and himself, by adopting a farming program that will maximize yields and move towards more sustainable farming practices.

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The Black Earth Family Welcomes Soil Scientist

Posted by Whitney Lang on Jan 21, 2013 8:12:00 AM

Welcoming a New Member to Black Earth

With a new year at Black Earth upon us, the crew is happy to announce that we are welcoming a new member to our team! 

We have Mr. Tesfay Teklay joining us as our Scientific Research Lead.

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Black Earth Humates in Taiwan Aquaculture

Posted by Brett Halliday on Oct 24, 2012 7:06:00 AM

Black Earth Humates in Aquaculture

During a recent visit to Taiwan, Black Earth was able to meet with the majority of our clients using humates in Aquaculture.

The objective of this trip was to increase international exposure of Black Earth humates, work with our customers to improve our service, and to develop further business opportunities through our distributors in Asia.

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Do You Know Great Humic Material When You See It?

Posted by Jody Lockhart on Oct 2, 2012 9:50:00 AM

A Guide to Humic Material

When it comes to introducing farmers to Black Earth and humic material in general, there are usually three things they need to understand: what humic matter is, why it works so well as a soil additive, and what the differences between different brands are.

In other words, we want them to be able to spot great humic material when they see it.

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Finding the Right Humic Material

Posted by Jody Lockhart on Aug 15, 2012 1:07:00 PM

Why it's important to find the right humic material for your farm.

Perhaps you have heard of humic material and are interested in giving it a try on your farm. Or, perhaps you have used some type of humic and fulvic acid soil additives in the past, and want to continue to enjoy stronger, healthier growth in future seasons.

Either way, it's important that you find the right humic material for your farm.

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The Scoop on Black Earth Humic Acid: Research Studies

Posted by Jody Lockhart on Jul 11, 2012 4:28:00 PM

What research is saying about humic acid.

You want the product you’re about to invest in to be the best for your land. You want results and you want them to be proven. Seems pretty simple, right?

When you’re choosing agricultural products, such as soil additives, you want to ensure that they’ve been meticulously tested, and that there’s significant information to back the product’s claims.

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Humic Acid or Fulvic Acid?

Posted by Jody Lockhart on Jul 11, 2012 2:44:00 PM

Which one Should you Choose?

With farmers making the shift to organic farming practices, we often encounter people facing the same decisions: should they use Humic Acid, Fulvic Acid or both? 

What is the difference?  What makes one better over the other? What kind of results can they expect using Humics and Fulvics? The answer to this really depends on what you are trying to achieve.

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