Prairie Humic Acid Distributors in Brandon This Week - Manitoba Ag Days 2017!

Posted by Marty Dilworth

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Jan 17, 2017 12:00:08 PM

As one of the largest Western Canadian agricultural exhibitions, The Manitoba Ag Days show is a key event to introduce innovative product solutions to one of the main agricultural production hubs in Canada. The show draws 20,000 daily visitors to the Keystone Center in Brandon, Manitoba. Attendees include a diverse selection of industry leading growers, product manufacturers, trade organizations, and suppliers.

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We want to be a more workable option that growers can incorporate into their management practices. Humic products previously sourced from American deposits were sometimes freight prohibitive, had less than ideal handling characteristics, and of varying quality. Being an Alberta based company, we want to make ourselves more visible to Canadian growers. We have this high quality resource right in our backyard that can provide solutions for a number of operations. We want to be a part of that. Our partnership with Top Krop Fertilizers Inc. has connected us to a broad dealer network and it’s a great way to get product out into the fields of producers.

We are excited to have our new HumaPal -  a urea compatible, air seeder ready humic acid prill - ready for spring application this year. While beneficial in all soil types, the effects are especially pronounced in the alkaline soils that are prevalent in many parts of the prairies. The results will speak for themselves for the progressive growers who are adopting the use of Humic Acids into their agronomic programs. 

Black Earth Humic and Top Krop Fertilizers are exhibiting at booth 204 in the UCT Pavilion in Brandon, Manitoba. January 17th, 18th, and 19th 2017. 

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