6 Reasons Producers should be using Black Earth Humates in 2016

Posted by Luke Serbina

Dec 10, 2015 5:35:00 AM

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Humic acid is the most powerful and beneficial input in agriculture and yet there are still many growers around the world who are yet to discover revolutionary product. It remains a mystery as to why a substance so intensively researched and proven should remain so poorly understood and utilized.

Here are six reasons why your 2016 resolution should be to include Black Earth humates into your fertility program:

1. Humic acid is not a synthetic or man-made product.

Humic acid, is the main natural acid found in soil humus. It offers all of the benefits of humus, but in a more concentrated form. For example, humus holds almost its own weight in water but humic acid holds seven times its own weight. This is especially beneficial for drought intolerant crops management.

2. Humic acid is the most powerful known stimulant of beneficial fungi in your soil.

This includes soil aggregators which build stable humus and the organisms who help control disease and produce a resilient soil. Beneficial fungi are often the organisms most negatively impacted by intensified agricultural practices.

3. Humic acid enhances fertilizer inputs, making this investment more efficient and useful.

Your fertilizers can become over 30% more productive, or you can boost the uptake of anything with which you combine humates.

4. Humic acid stabilizes fertilizers that will otherwise leach through the soil or become unavailable.

Highly leachable urea becomes a stable urea humate. Dry applied phosphate fertilizers, become stable phosphate humates that can now deliver all of that phosphate to the crop. The most leachable trace mineral, boron, becomes a stable – boron humate – with the simple addition of humic acid.

5. Humic acid improves soil structure.

Humic acid modifies the permeability, porosity, water retaining capacity, absorption characteristics, surface area and cation exchange reactions. These are all features relating to improved fertility, production and profitability for farmers.

6. Humic acid increases crop resilience.

Humates bind to harmful soil enzymes to prevent their entry into the plant. This is why high humus soils, which naturally contain higher levels of humic acid, suffer less disease problems than soils lacking in humus.

Incorporation of Black Earth Humates into your fertility program can be the extra edge you need to get ahead. Our various product formulations are sure to suit any of your agricultural applications. We are proud to offer the highest quality humates available and stand by our product and customer service values.


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