Increasing Water Retention with a Liquid Fulvic and Humic Blend

Posted by Talisha Porter

Aug 21, 2014 8:08:00 AM

Are your plants lacking nutrients? Does the water just sit on the surface of the soil?

There could be an assortment of causes, such as weather conditions, over use of fertilizer, and heavy vehicle traffic to name a few. A liquid blend of humic and fulvic acids might be the perfect thing to help your plants survive through these conditions.

Organo Hume Ultra is our liquid humic product that contains both humic and fulvic acids. This blend not only repairs immediate issues with nutrient deficiencies in the plant, but also helps to improve soil conditions for future crops. Additionally, Organo Hume Ultra is 100% Organic and has the highest concentration of active ingredients than any other liquid humic material. It's the jack-off-all-trades; it can be used as a soil amendment, a foliar fertilizer enhancer, and even a natural chelating agent.

Learn more about the value of water retention.

supplement your soil and support your crops with a liquid fulvic and humic acid blend

Help your crops get the water and nutrients they need.

If you've observed water running off the top of your soil and it's unable to penetrate the surface, your plant is not receiving the water it needs to produce an optimal crop. In an ideal environment, you need the water to hold in the soil profile and be available for the plant when conditions dry out.

Adding Organo Hume Ultra to your farming program will not only increase the availability of water for your plants, but also the nutrients. In the same way the humic acids hold moisture, they also hold nutrients. It does this using its high cation exchange capacity (CEC). A healthy humic program will drastically increase your soils CEC in a very short time and reduce the stress on your plant as it tries to source the required resources for growth. Organo Hume Ultra can be used by the plants as a soil application or foliar applicant. In the soil, the plant roots take in nutrients in three methods, and all three of these are improved with the use of humic and fulvic acids.

Organo Hume Ultra is compatible with many other products; such as liquid fertilizers, micro nutrients, pesticides, and herbicides. Whenever applying Organo Hume Ultra, we recommend doing so at a diluted rate. This involves mixing Organo Hume Ultra at 1:1 with water. Once this is complete, the Organo Hume 12% can then be used for direct application or further formulation.

How to apply to your trees, shrubs and bedding plants. 

Mix 0.3 mls of diluted Organo Hume Ultra with 1 liter of water (1/4 teaspoon per gallon of water). Apply resulting solution to plant material.

These applications should be applied to the plant & soil once every month for optimal results.

If you would any further information on more benefits, personalized application rates please contact us at Black Earth and we will be happy to assist.

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