Could Humic Material Help With Soil Structure Problems?

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Feb 13, 2014 5:00:00 AM

Pushing the limits of your crop yields asks a lot from your soil

The world's agricultural producers are being pressed to provide higher and higher yields while dealing with soil structure problems resulting from the overuse of commercial fertilizers, intensive tillage, year-round planting, and insufficient crop rotation.

Most farms are finding that there aren't a lot of easy answers, but humic material – and particularly Black Earth products – may give them an affordable and efficient edge.

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If you're wondering whether humic material could help with your soil structure problems, you certainly aren't alone. After looking through dozens of field and greenhouse studies and mountains of advanced research material, here are a few easy conclusions we can pass along:

Humic acid tends to help soil bind.

Loose or unproductive soil can be a worsening problem, but humic material (like that found in Black Earth) can help bind soil together and make it more conducive to all kinds of plant growth.

A great deal of scientific research stands behind humic acid benefits. 

Data on the impact on yields that can be expected to come from the application of humic material is an ongoing field of study. However, studies are clear that high quality humic acid encourages better soil structure.

Humic material promotes microbial activity.

As you already know, microbial processes working beneath the surface of your soil go a long way towards making your earth fertile and productive. Humalite can help that process along.

Humic acid also brings other benefits to soil structure and plant growth.

Water retention, root growth, desalinization, and disease resistance have all been reported in conjunction with soil applications of humic material.

The bottom line is that humic material has been shown to be beneficial for soil structure and plant growth, but it's important that you start with the right humic acids and apply them correctly.

To learn more, or to see how we help growers use these products efficiently, contact a member of the Black Earth team today and let us give you the answers you need.

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