Using Black Earth Humates in your Operations

Posted by Whitney Lang

Jul 10, 2013 3:14:00 PM

How is Humalite Used?

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Humalite is a weathered form of Sub-bitumous coal that is high in Humic and Fulvic Acid - acids that are essential to all living things. Humalite is found only in Alberta, and used exculsively for Black Earth Products.

Humalite can be incorporated into many areas of your agricultural operations. From adding humates to your fertilizer inputs, to direct application for improving soil structure, to high-powered additives for foliar applications, there is a use for them everywhere.

Here is some feedback from one of our customers:


"The products have been in use for every area of my full circle approach to agriculture. I have spread dry material to feed microbes and fungal colonies, enhance nitrogen utilization and stabilization. Re-establishing humus through organic matter is building a bigger “fuel tank” that will hold the moisture necessary to keep pushing nutrients to help reach the 300 bushel corn and 100 bushel beans plateau. Humic activity is speeding up carcass composters which will also start breaking down the skeletal bones as well. Retain more of the nutrients in chicken litter while surviving the pelletizing process. In furrow to bump the strike rate of germination and get more root hairs ready to take chelated nutrition into the cells quicker and more efficiently. I have mixed dry humics with another product to remove moisture and ammonia in broiler houses.
"Humics have made wonderful additions to the pecan natural fiber in my gestation/lactation rations and are included in all my recommendations because they bring anti-viral tendencies, push hemoglobin’s and oxygen, detoxify the internal organs and have a cohesive tendency to strengthen tendons and bones. Customers have noticed a more docile attitude and higher milk output from including humics in the ration. I use humics in combinations to aid in control of listeria, e. coli, somatic cell counts and salmonella. This leads to stronger, healthier young that usually escape scours early in their life. I have seen increased efficiency of feed and smaller particulate in the waste. In the pits and lagoons I utilize humics to breakdown solids, control foaming, reduce odor, and get the nutrients more field ready and in an aerobic aqueous state."

Customer Feedback is Key

As you can see from the above customer feedback, Black Earth Humics have a wide range of benefits.  Our products are second to none and will benefit your operations in many ways.

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