Black Earth's Committment to the Client

Posted by Whitney Lang

Apr 22, 2013 1:37:00 PM

Taking Care of our Customers


At Black Earth, we are committed to ensuring our customers are taken care of. Our team is dedicated to being open, responsive, and quick in our replies.  

If you don't find the answers on our website, we are available any time to answer all your questions about humates, whether you need answers about mixing and application rates, to quality control, or pricing, we are here to meet your needs. Take it from one of our customers:

"When you are in business for yourself, and by yourself, you really appreciate great customer service and prompt replies. While I was searching for what would be the right source for the best humic material I could supply to my trusted friends and associates, I was blessed to find Brett and Whitney through Black Earth Humic."

Providing Packaging Options to Suit Everyone

We have a number of different packaging options. We have options for small paper bags, in 50lb (22.7KG) and 55lb (25kg), which can be custom labeled or stenciled, or we can order custom made bags with your company's logo and colors. We also have a Black Polywoven Bag in 50lb & 55lb for those who are looking for a cleaner option for their Humate packaging.

We also have three different large tote bag sizes available, in 2000lb, 2205lb, and 2400lb options to help you maximize the weight per truckload. These totes are a heavy duty black polywoven bag with a plastic liner to seal the elements out, and keep the high quality product in. Here is some feedback about our packaging options: 

"...with the highest humic activity, combined with the lowest impurities, or ash, ground and graded; practically free from dust and double packed to protect the dry material during shipment. The packaging options are plentiful and Brett is great with helping to find transportation for any combination of product mix."

A Great, Hassle-Free Experience, Start - To - Finish

Our team is committed to ensuring you have as hassle free experience as possible. We want to make it easy for you to choose humics as part of your farming operation and are dedicated to help inform you of all the benefits you will see once you have it incorporated. Our team of sales people, our soil scientist, and our customer service team will ensure that you are well taken care of, from beginning to end.

Email us today at to connect with our dedicated team of Humate enthusiasts and to learn more about all things Humic and how it can help cut costs in your operation.

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