The Black Earth Family Welcomes Soil Scientist

Posted by Whitney Lang

Jan 21, 2013 8:12:00 AM

Welcoming a New Member to Black Earth

With a new year at Black Earth upon us, the crew is happy to announce that we are welcoming a new member to our team! 

Black Earth Science Lab

We have Mr. Tesfay Teklay joining us as our Scientific Research Lead.

About Mr. Teklay and his Experience With all Things Soil

Mr. Teklay is a very accomplished soil scientist with over 8 years of research experience in the areas of Soil Biology, Soil Organic Matter Dynamics, Soil Fertility Management, and Carbon Sequestration. Mr. Teklay’s works include Chemical Characterization of Organic Materials for their utility as Soil Amendments to improve crop yield, soil microbial biomass and activities, and other related soil parameters. Through his research, Mr. Teklay has also been able to determine the % contributions of applied organic material, fertilizer and soil to total crop N-Uptake using 15N Isotope dilution techniques.

Through lab, green house, and field studies, Mr. Teklay has designed efficient ways of combining green-manure and inorganic fertilizers that proved to increase corn yield by up to 80%, and significantly improved vital soil properties. The findings of Mr. Teklay’s studies are published in over eight peer-reviewed international journal articles, including Plant and Soil, Soil Biology & Biochemistry, and Geoderma.

Mr. Teklay also has significant experience in teaching and mentoring, environmental consulting, and designing agri-business and not-for-profit projects.

Bringing our Humates Research to the Client 

Mr. Teklay has joined us at Black Earth Humic LP as a Scientific Research Lead. In the coming months he will help our team establish a functional and effective laboratory at our Production Facility in Ryley, summarize previous research works contracted through third parties, and most importantly - providing clients with information backed by scientific research, and designing various product formulations of humalite to better suit our client needs.

From us to you, we invite you to help us welcome Mr. Tesfay Teklay to the Black Earth Family. We are very excited to see what the coming months will bring, and we are pleased to know that we have such an exceptional resource available for our clients.

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