Black Earth Drilling Studies

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Jul 15, 2013 7:30:00 AM

humic acid downhole 18 RMDrilling Applications of Humic

You may never have thought that a powerful soil additive could be used in drilling applications, yet Black Earth, after a series of extensive studies, has proven this to be true.

As a drilling fluid additive, humic substances have a tendency to reduce fluid loss and improve the overall rheology of the mud as shown in uses involving deep well drilling. In laboratory testing, Humalite DH from Black Earth showed better results in lowering effective viscosity and filtrate rate versus standard mud lignite materials.


Rheology is known as the science and study of the deformation and flow of matter. It's also used to indicate various properties, such as mud rheology. Rheology is a crucial element in regards to drilling muds and fluids; it is continually measured during drilling and altered with additives to meet any required needs. In order to lower the rheology, additives can be incorporated to help stop the interaction of any positive and negative charges.

Drilling Fluids and the Need for Additives

In some cases, drilling fluids have the ability to perform without the need for any additives. These fluids have a tendency to work well in a variety of wet applications, yet some don't have a very high-performance quality, especially when it depends on the quality of the soil. In these cases, a high quality fluid additive, such as Black Earth Humalite can actually improve the overall quality of drilling. Leonardite, Humalite and similar Humic acid products help reduce viscosity while also maintaining fluid density.

Black Earth: Drilling Studies

Black Earth has performed numerous tests to determine the validity of their products as an additive in regard to drilling. One study modified humic material by adding base and salt to achieve complete separation and solubility, by adding five grams of humic material to 100 ml of potassium hydroxide (KOH) and 0.5 grams of salt in a variety in different concentrations. The end result showed a modification of 2.0 M, with KOH as the best for drilling usage. There was no apparent difference in regards to the iron salts. The results with a higher pH balance were also deemed fit for drilling.

Yet another study determined that value of Black Earth Humalite in high-temperature applications. At 400° F, when compared to the base materials, Humalite DH reduced the HPHT filtrate by 51.9%.

Black Earth Products

Black Earth products come with a proven track record. As demonstrated in the above studies, Black Earth Humalite performed well in regards to several obstacles. Enhancing a generic drilling fluid with Black Earth Humalite can greatly affect overall performance and produce positive results.

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