Black Earth Humates in Taiwan Aquaculture

Posted by Brett Halliday

Oct 24, 2012 7:06:00 AM

Black Earth Humates in Aquaculture

During a recent visit to Taiwan, Black Earth was able to meet with the majority of our clients using humates in Aquaculture.

Sashimi Aquaculture

The objective of this trip was to increase international exposure of Black Earth humates, work with our customers to improve our service, and to develop further business opportunities through our distributors in Asia.

Not Used in the Conventional Sense

Black Earth has learned that the use of humates in Asia is not the 'conventional' use as in North America. Humates are largely used in animal feed, mostly with swine, and have a large focus on local crops such as rice. However, without doubt, the majority of all our material in Asia is going into Aquaculture. With the Asian diet being much more reliant on fish, their farming systems have grown into an astounding commercial industry. Taiwan and the China mainland have a high density of fish farming, from shrimp to sashimi.  In Taiwan, we had the privilege to meet with some of our long term users and see the benefits first hand. In this operation, the Black Earth customer is using humates in two methods, waste management and feed.

Waste Management in Aquaculture is Key

In waste management, Black Earth Mini-Granules are being broadcasted over the ponds and cycled through using motorized paddles. Every month 25kg’s of Black Earth Mini-Granules are being applied to each pond which is approximately 200m². During the cycle of these humates, they work in the water to break down the waste material excreted by the fish. This lengthens the water cycle and puts less pressure on the use of unwanted chemicals, not to mention helping the with the smell. While walking around the ponds in Taiwan, it wasn’t difficult to notice that these ponds are extremely full of fish. If you took a small net (like a butterfly net) and dragged it a few steps through the water you would come out with a full net. That’s how densely populated these ponds are and stresses the importance of waste management.

Benefits of Humates in Fish Food

With fish feed, humates have been included in the mix for many years. When speaking with this farmer, he described to me that the importance for him is removing the dioxins from the fish. Dioxin is a pollutant that the fish are exposed to and needs to be cleaned from their digestive system for human consumption. He showed me this by picking up a shrimp out of the pond and elongating the body. By doing this, you can see the full digestive system of the shrimp to a level of knowing when it last ate. You could also see that the shrimp was clean and transparent with no toxins in the body. In addition to removing dioxin from the digestive system, the humates also have benefits in the fish by acting the same way they do in animals, by increasing their ability to absorb nutrients.

Black Earth is Taking Steps to Meet the Needs of the Taiwan Farmer

There are also some key notes taken back to the workshop from this trip where Black Earth will continue to develop solutions. As with our last visit, we were able to learn that our packaging needed more strength for this area of the world as the bag integrity was lost in the high humidity. This has since been solved with a multi-walled paper bag with an extra plastic film to control moisture. Also, Jody Lockhart has developed Black Earth’s customized poly woven bag using his extensive experience in the bagging industry. These are an attractive alternative to the paper bag and will be sure to please end users. As a result of our meetings in Taiwan, we have the first user of these new bags on board. These will be sold on a shop floor and will provide an added benefit to the sales of Canadian produced humates.

Customer Relationships are Just as Important as Quality Product

On departure from Taiwan, I was pleased to see such passion for humates and the growing interest in Black Earth’s high quality product. With the close relationships we have established, we will be able to work closely with our customers to ensure the market recognizes the premium product produced right here in Canada.

After all, actions speak volumes and with actions comes results. Find out today how Black Earth can help you in your Operation. 

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