Choosing a Good Soil Additive

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Jun 2, 2012 1:56:00 PM

Humic Matter as a Soil Additive

In searching for a good soil additive, you’ll want to take several things into consideration. Safe, versatile, effective -- can you really have all three?

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You’ll want to ensure, for instance, that any soil amendment you choose works well with your particular type of soil, and that it ultimately has the ability to enhance the quality of your crops.

One soil additive that has had resounding success is humic matter. Humus, or humic matter, is particularly effective, because it’s an organic substance that occurs naturally in certain types of soil, namely the soil found in the most fertile regions of Canada and Russia; this soil, as you may already know, is often referred to as black earth.

Humic matter’s success rate can largely be attributed to its extreme versatility, as it’s used as an amendment in a wide variety of soil conditions and has repeatedly proven to be the most effective treatment for farmers and horticulturalists looking to turn problematic crops into healthy and strong ones.

Years of applied research at Black Earth have gone into discovering the beneficial properties of humus and humalite (a type of humus), so we don’t make this claim lightly. This is also why all Black Earth dry products contain at least an 80% consistency of humic acid, because as our years of applied research have shown, using humic matter can greatly improve crop rates, at a ratio of up to 30%. That’s a powerful jump, one that’s difficult to pass up in trying times.

The Origins of Black Earth

Black Earth Humic products come from the fertile lands of Alberta, Canada. Being that our company is located in the heart of this agricultural region, we’re able to lay claim to some of the most effective soil additives in existence. All of our Black Earth products are from humalite, which contains low energy values, but is extremely high in humic matter and carries potent amounts of humic and fulvic acids, both of which are necessary for superior crop growth. The nature of our products has allowed them to outperform analysis of leonardite products from other regions.

How Black Earth Can Help Horticulturalists

We boast the most highly rated soil additives in our field. The before and after variations that occur with the use of Black Earth products are well-documented. Though we’re pretty certain that you won’t need to do any testing, you’ll quickly see the benefits of our soil additives on your own.

For those in the horticultural field, the use of Black Earth products has resulted in great improvements in cultivation, propagation and overall soil condition. The added plus is that Black Earth’s products are compatible with a variety of treatment agents and are known for their ability to help stimulate the uptake of nutrients and promote plant growth and root strength.

So what are you waiting for? Take the plunge and give Black Earth a try. Click the button below to receive a sample specifically for your needs.

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