Black Earth Humic: Good for the Environment

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Sep 20, 2012 8:13:00 AM

Better returns and a better environment.

As a farmer or horticulturalist looking to improve the quality of your crops, one of your main concerns may very well be that the soil additive you choose is beneficial to the environment.

Black Earth organic fertilizer

Using products that are made only from organic materials will be one of the most important elements to your search. If you’ve already done some research, you’re probably somewhat familiar with humus and humalite.

While you already know the various benefits these materials have on your crops, did you know that humic matter is actually beneficial to the environment as well? It’s one of the reasons why our products at Black Earth are comprised of at least 80% humic acid, and why we always use 100% organic materials when producing them. 

It’s Certified Organic

The first thing you need to know about Black Earth is that not only are our dry agricultural products organic, but they’re certified Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) organic. You may be wondering if this really matters. The truth is it does. Unless you’re certified organic, you aren’t subject to the same rules and regulations as those of us who are, and there have been many instances of companies attempting to pass themselves off as organic, while not being entirely so.

It's High Quality

The core of our products also features high-grade reserves of humic matter. Humic material is one of the major constituents of fertile soil, and it’s used in a variety of agricultural methods, such as farming, turf and horticulture. Humus is crucial to improving the overall texture of soil, and it aids in promoting living cells in both plants and microorganisms, so that your soil can be nothing but rich and fertile.

This process proves entirely beneficial to the environment, because our humalite is hulled from unpolluted and rich soils, and you’re using these sources to improve your own soil condition. In other words, you’re putting the good stuff back in the earth; in the end, producing soil that will not only help your crops but the environment as well.

Should I use Black Earth?

There are many different varieties of soil, such as clay, silt, and sand; in some cases, not all crops will grow based on these conditions. Both clay and silt are good for trees and shrubs, but problematic for the roots of flowers and vegetables. Sand, on the other hand, has a lower moisture and lower nutrient-holding capacity and needs frequent watering. Erosion is also a major problem. That’s where soil additives like humic acid come into play, with its amazing benefits, including water retention, nutritional properties and stronger roots.

Those who use Black Earth have experienced a 30% increase in their crops, through products such as Black Earth Humic, Black Earth Mini-Granule, and Black Earth Organo Liquid Hume. Not only do these products increase the volume of crops, they also improve the quality of the environment. And who doesn’t want healthy soil? And a healthy environment?

Give Black Earth a try. Contact us to talk about which Black Earth products suit your needs.

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