The Many Benefits of Black Earth

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Jul 29, 2013 7:30:00 AM

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Your soil condition will affect much in your choice of soil additives, as you’ll need to understand this prior to choosing the right product. Once you’re armed with a better idea of your soil’s condition, you’re halfway there to getting the issue under control.

Though a lot of soil additives claim to be the best of the best, when it comes to managing the quality and upkeep of your soil, Black Earth actually delivers, standing behind our claims 100%. Our years of applied research have proven, not only to us, but also to our customers, that Black Earth is the most effective soil additive, due to its high humic and fulvic acid contents, which are instrumental in producing strong and healthy crops.

We've received much acclaim for our dry and liquid soil additives, all of which are made from humalite—a naturally occurring material that is distinctively rich in humified organic matter and humic substances. Black Earth humalite also contains low ash and toxic metals, a factor that has made it extremely effective in aiding the environment.

No matter what your soil condition is, one of our products can help. In order to get you properly equipped, here's a quick run through of all the great products Black Earth has to offer:


Black Earth Humalite is a type of humus material that has a kinship to lignite (also known as brown coal, which resembles peat) and leonardite (a rich source of humic acid that is used as a soil conditioner), but its benefit is that it’s lower than both of these in ash and toxic metals. Humalite also has low energy values, but features numerous humic substances, known as humates, which makes it one of the highest quality humus materials in the world.

Black Earth Powder

In addition to its use as a soil amendment, Black Earth Powder also serves as a fertilizer enhancer and animal feed supplement. In addition, Black Earth Powder can also be used as a microbial growth promoter for soil and waste treatment.

Mini Granule

Mini-Granule can also be used as a microbial growth promoter for soil remediation, which helps remove contaminants found in soil as well as helping in waste treatment. It’s a highly humified organic material that when applied to agricultural applications helps increase the water and nutrient holding capacity of soils and boost soil organic matter.

Organo Liquid Hume

A unique product, Black Earth Organo Liquid Hume can also be used as a flushing agent for hydrocarbon components in soil, as well as for increasing and enhancing microbial activity in soil remediation.

Liquid Fulvic and Organo Liquid Fulvic

Containing a low pH (a measurement of acidity in aqueous solutions), Black Earth Liquid Fulvic is a water-soluble spray that helps promote the growth of plants and soil microorganisms; it is also suitable for use as a foliar spray and as a fertilizer enhancer. Black Earth offers the highest concentration of Liquid Fulvic and Organo Liquid Fulvic.

Dry Soluble 80 and Dry Soluble 80 (Organic)

Both forms of Black Earth Dry Soluble 80 can be used directly or diluted in water without any settlement. Among its many uses, it works as a soil amendment, a foliar spray, a fertilizer enhancer, a hydrocarbon flushing agent and a microbial growth promoter.

In addition to our wide array of products, Black Earth can also create specific products based on your agricultural needs.

Interested in seeing what Black Earth has to offer? Choose an application below to see what Humalite can do for you.


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