Black Earth Humalite Can Help Your Soil

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Jun 21, 2012 8:21:00 AM

humic matter in vegetable growingGet more from your crops and gardens.

Generally speaking, the principles behind growing crops are often the same. One of the major problems that farmers and horticulturalists face is finding the proper soil additive to help their crops and gardens grow.

Unless you live in an area of the world with perfect soil, you've probably run into an obstacle or two on your way to growing strong, healthy, productive crops. With intensive modern farming practices, soils are being depleted of the nutrients that make your crops strong. 

With its potent level of humic matter and low level of ash and metals, Black Earth Humalite(similar to Leonardite) has been proven to increase soil productivity. Black Earth products are especially effective, because they contain a high concentration of humic acid (the active ingredient in humus). Our years of applied research have also shown us that not only do our products enhance soil, but they increase the productivity of crops by 30%.

Better Soil, Better Output

Building the soil should be the first priority of gardeners and farmers, as this has the greatest impact on how your crops grow. Organic materials offer the biggest benefits to all soil types, as they provide excellent moisture retention and drainage and are crucial to growing a successful crop, regardless of whether you’re planting in clay, sand or loam. Adding a decomposed organic material, such as humalite, is especially useful, as it can greatly improve the soil’s balance, texture and water retention capacity.

A good rule of thumb is that you should always avoid adding one kind of soil to another, for example adding clay to sand, as this will greatly alter the soil’s consistency. If you need to improve your soil’s condition, the best thing to do is add a soil additive.

How Black Earth Humalite Can Help

Years of applied research have shown that Black Earth Humalite is an effective manner to produce strong and healthy crops. Our humalite, which originates in the black earth plains of Alberta, Canada, can help even the most problematic of soils. The reason humalite is better for your soil than standard additives like manure, compost and peat moss is that it amends your soil properly and improves its texture, fertility and water retention, not just in the interim, but also in the future. Humalite also helps microorganisms thrive, another important factor to generating a positive soil condition.

So as you’re getting started with your new garden, consider giving Black Earth products a try. Not only is Black Earth highly regarded for its brand of soil additives, but it’s also 100% certified organic and environmentally safe. We guarantee you’ll love it.

Considering giving one of our Black Earth products a try? Contact us today about how Black Earth humalite can improve your soil.

Build Healthier Soil Enjoy Healthier Plants

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