Getting Your Soil in Gear with Black Earth

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Apr 17, 2012 4:23:00 PM

Using Black Earth as a Safe and Powerful Soil Additive

If you’re an experienced grower, you probably already know that soil additives are vital to the crop growing process.

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From seasoned farmer to hobby gardener, if you've spent some time working with soil you'll be familiar with the rich, dark soil that makes plants thrive. Typically called topsoil, and referred to as 'black earth' by those who make a living on the land, it's what most plants and other vegetation need to grow. 

Black earth and its origins

Black earth is similar to black topsoil, having received its name from its black coloring, and being known for its powerfulness in aiding crop growth. Found most often in cool to temperate semiarid regions, such as Alberta, Canada, and the grasslands of European Russia, black earth has been known for centuries as the key to producing strong and healthy crops. In fact, black earth is so significant that a town in Wisconsin—Black Earth, WI—was named after it.

The reason for black earth’s importance comes from its high humic content. It’s through the decomposition of plant and animal residues that the production of humus occurs in soil, and though there is some debate as to whether humus is living matter, it’s unanimously agreed that its presence is integral to helping soil retain its moisture. Applied research has repeatedly shown that a higher humus count directly relates to healthier and more productive soil, which in turn yields a better crop for farmers and an overall better soil condition for those in the horticultural field.

How to uncover your soil’s condition and find a Black Earth product that’s right for you

One common question that repeatedly comes from farmers and horticulturalists alike is how to organically get soil to black earth conditions? The easy answer is by using soil additives, but the truth is, choosing the right soil additive is key to making or breaking your crop.

As humic and fulvic acids are organic matter themselves, one of the most important things to consider when choosing a soil additive is that it, itself, is organic. Not only are Black Earth products 100% organic, but Black Earth’s Humic contains the highest-grade humus material available throughout North America.

When choosing which Black Earth product to use, you’ll want to know your soil’s condition. If you’re unsure of this, consider contacting your local Black Earth dealer, and contact us to get dealer info.

Improving your soil structure is important, especially where issues such as erosion and lack of nutrients prevail. Products such as Black Earth Humic and Black Earth Humalite can be especially helpful in this regard.

It goes without saying that farmers and horticulturalists want rich, fertile soil, hence why the question of achieving a black earth soil condition is a popular one. With just a little care and attention, and the use of a Black Earth product, you too can benefit from a healthy, strong crop.

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