Liquid Fulvic and Organo Liquid Fulvic

Posted by Jody Lockhart

May 11, 2012 1:41:00 PM

Liquid Fluvic Organo HumicA few facts about Black Earth’s Liquid Fulvic.

The season for planting is upon us, and it’s time to get out and start cultivating those crops. 

In gardening and farming, it’s important to have rich, fertile soil. In fact, soil condition is the most crucial part of any type of farming or gardening project, as soil additives are a crucial aspect to your plants and vegetables growing properly and producing healthy crops.

Applied research has put Black Earth a step ahead of our competitors—that and the fact that we use only organic products from Alberta, Canada. It’s no surprise that organic matter soil amendments have been beneficial to plant growth since the beginning of time. Since 1998, Black Earth’s products have received high marks for our production of high-grade reserves of humic material, and for the ability of these reserves to increase soil microbial populations.

Humic Matter and How it Affects Your Crops

One of the most important aspects with any crop is the use of humic matter. Humus, humic acid and humates are organic compounds usually found in compost. You may have commonly heard humus being referred to as mature compost; it’s used quite frequently as a soil additive. 

These compounds give soil organisms an opportunity to feed and reproduce. When used as a soil additive, humus helps increase soil microbial activity, improve soil structure, and enhance the root development of plants. What also helps in the process of gardening is a particular type of humic acid, called fulvic acid.

How Black Earth’s Liquid Fulvic Can Help You

Fulvic acid is a poly-electrolyte that disseminates through plant membranes. Fulvic acids generally have a lower molecular weight and a higher oxygen content than other humic acids. They’re also soluble at any pH level. Fulvic acid is frequently used on leaves, where the fulvic seeps through and enhances the growing process.

Our Black Earth Liquid Fulvic is water-soluble and helps promote the growth of plants and soil microorganisms. Liquid Fulvic contains a low pH and is suitable for use as a foliar spray (the spraying of leaves) and as a fertilizer enhancer.

Black Earth offers the highest concentration of Liquid Fulvic and Organo Liquid Fulvic. All Black Earth material is classified as humalite, a weathered type of sub-bituminous coal. It bears a similarity to lignite and leonardite, but is of higher quality. Black Earth products are available for a wide range of agricultural, horticultural, and environmental applications. 

Whether you’re a novice or highly experienced, and whether home soil testing is something you do frequently, Black Earth has a variety of products that will make your green thumb even greener and your garden even more lush.

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