3 Common Questions About Black Earth

Posted by Jody Lockhart

Jun 11, 2012 8:59:00 AM

3 Questions about Black Earth... and their surprising answers!

Although using humic material as a soil additive isn't anything new, at Black Earth we still come across plenty of growers who aren't yet familiar with its uses.


Most of them quickly grow to love it, but before they do, they've often got a handful of important questions that they need the answers to.

To help you understand more about humic matter, soil conditions, and other related topics – and just because we don't mind admitting that we think Black Earth products are some of the best on earth – we'd like to take a few moments to share three common questions, and answers, about our humic material:

1. How much of a difference can humic acid make on my farm?

We like to tell people that "bumper crops begin with Black Earth," and horticultural science seems to back this up. While a number of studies show that soil treated with humic acid can lead to 30% bigger gains, the reality is that you can't ever really know what sort of difference we can make on your farm until you give our product a try. That's because soil conditions, sunshine, and all the other factors that lead to a healthy crop come into play.

Even though it might be difficult to put a hard number on the difference that the right humic acid can make on your farm, it's a safe bet that it would be worth your time to give it a try.

2. Does it matter where I get my humic material from?

Because active ingredients in products like ours are often given standard-sounding names like "humic acid" or "fulvic soil additive," it's easy for farmers to wonder whether it really matters where they get their humic material from. Aren't all of them more or less the same?

That's not true any more than saying that all farms are alike, or that all seeds and fertilizers are the same. Because of the unique history and typography of our source in Alberta, our humic material is much more potent – and with far fewer chemicals – than anything else on the market in North America. In direct comparison with it's closest relative, Leonardite, Black Earth Humalite contains more active ingredient with less of the stuff you don't need.

3. Can Black Earth be used with other soil nutrients and supplements?

Absolutely. All of our humic products are designed to enhance things like soil nutrients and root growth, meaning they aren't just compatible with other horticultural products and soil additives, but may actually make them more effective. Black Earth is an all-natural agricultural aid harvested and developed through years of applied research. When you're using the best, it can only make everything else on your farm better. We would be happy to provide you with information on blending results with a variety of materials.

Have more questions, or feel ready to give Black Earth a try?

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