improve marine aquaculture and yield

Limit the Risks from Disease and Environmental Conditions

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Black Earth products can help lower the effects of prolonged stress and help farmed marine life adapt to new environments while blocking disease and infection.

Black Earth humates improve growth, food utilization, and resistance to secondary infections. In fact, the active ingredients in Black Earth contain chemicals and compounds that can increase fish and larvae's yield, strength, and resistance to disease, especially during transportation.

When used as a water treatment, Black Earth products have been shown to detoxify harmful metals and chemicals within a water system, decreasing the risks to their health due to environmental conditions. Humates increase the activity rate of bacteria that breakdown waste material, benefiting your hatchery environment with cleaner water and less odor. In studies conducted on rainbow trout, even moderate amounts of humic acid helped protect from fungal infections and parasites while improving the hatching rate.

For fish farms and aquaculture facilities looking to maximize yield, improve the health and vitality of marine life, and limit risks from disease and environmental conditions, using Black Earth as a feed could be the ideal solution.

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