We provide a wide variety of Black Earth dry and liquid products made from humalite – the highest quality humic material in North America. All of Black Earth’s dry agricultural products contain at least 80% humic acid…guaranteed. Additionally, most of Black Earth’s agricultural products are listed with the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI).

BlackEarth Agricultural Products

Black Earth's ACTIV80 AG is OMRI Listed.

 GG.jpgBlack Earth's ACTIV80 GG is OMRI Listed




ACTIV12.jpgBlack Earth ACTIV 12  is OMRI Listed 


ACTIV24.jpgBlack Earth ACTIV 24 is OMRI Listed.

 ACTIV80 DS.jpgBlack Earth ACTIV80 DS is OMRI Listed

 ACTIV FC-1.jpgBlack Earth ACTIV FC is OMRI Listed

BlackEarth Industrial Applications

MP2.jpgBlack Earth's ACTIV80 MP is OMRI Listed

XP2.jpgBlack Earth's ACTIV80 XP is OMRI Listed



As an additive to water-based drilling fluid, Black Earth Humalite reduces water loss and improves rheology of the mud. The best results have been observed at high temperature and pressure conditions (as in deep-well drilling). Black Earth’s products have been proven superior to lignite and leonardite.

Drilling Mud Additives

Custom Products

Black Earth can produce and supply special products to meet your specific requirements.

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