boost microbial populations with humic products
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Healthy soil is the foundation of horticultural success, and nothing will improve the health of your soil like Black Earth Humic – the highest quality humus material available in North America.

Black Earth makes the growing great.

Horticulturalists use Black Earth products to boost soil microbial populations, improve soil texture and water retention, stimulate the uptake of nutrients and promote plant growth. And they reap the rewards: increased crop yield, healthier plant structures (roots, stems, leaves, flowers), and notable increases in fruit and vegetable production.

Products suitable for horticultural applications include Mini Granule (as soil amendment), Liquid Organo Hume and Liquid Fulvic (as foliar spray), and Dry Soluble 80 (to make liquid). Powder and Dry Soluble 80 can also be used as binding/coating agents for granular fertilizers or seeds. Our products can be mixed and are compatible with most nutrients and other treatment agents.