agricultural applications for humics

Agricultural applications for Black Earth Humic Bio-Stimulants

Supplementing soil with humics is much sought-after in the agricultural world - large-scale farming and specialty horticulture alike are focused on building up the organic constituents of soil. By improving soil texture, increasing water retention, providing available carbon to soil and promoting the growth of living cells (in the plants themselves and the microorganisms that contribute to healthy soil), humics make your farmland as fertile and productive as nature intended.



For remarkable plants:
Use a foliar application of ACTIV 12 for stronger plant structures with more vibrant coloured blooms.

Enjoy Healthier Plants


For robust and healthy crops:
Use a fall application of ACTIV80 AG to reinvigorate your soil over the winter.

Grow Better Crops


For thicker, greener turf:
Use a spring application of ACTIV80 GG to boost root health, plant density and overall turf health                  

Feel the Difference