• The highest quality
    humus material in
    North America.

    black earth humic
  • Improve crop
    yield from the
    ground up.

    black earth humic
  • Get a greener,
    thicker, more
    lush turf.

    black earth humic
  • Stimulate plant
    growth and reap
    the rewards.

    black earth humic
  • Dramatically boost
    your drilling mud

    banner granual blend applications
  • Maximize yield,
    health and vitality
    of marine life.

    black earth humic
  • Remediate soil from
    hydrocarbon and salt

    black earth humic

Agricultural Products are Organic Certified


It’s the highest quality humus material in North America, possibly the world! And it’s available exclusively from your local distributor of Black Earth Humic products.

The Agricultural Applications of Humic Substances

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Real World Benefits of Humic Substances

We provide a wide variety of powdered and liquid humalite in our line of Black Earth products – the highest quality humus material found in North America. Generally safe to the environment and all living organisms, humic substances have proven highly effective for a wide range of applications in the agricultural, environmental and industrial sectors

Agriculture Applications


For remarkable plants:
Use a foliar application of Liquid Hume for stronger plant structures with more vibrant coloured blooms.

Enjoy Healthier Plants



For robust and healthy crops:
Use a fall application of Coarse Mini Granule to reinvigorate your soil over the winter.

Grow Better Crops


For thicker, greener turf:
Use a spring application of Fine Mini Granule to boost root health, plant density and the overall health of your turf.

Feel the Difference


Additional Applications


For high-yield marine life:
Use humic and fulvic acids for cleaner, less odorous water and improved marine life health and vitality.

Improve Water Conditions


For the most efficient muds:
Use Humalite for both water-based and oil-based mud as a fluid loss and rheology additive.

Drilling Mud Additives


For soil remediation projects:
Use Humalite products to remediate and decontaminate soil, improve water retention and support healthy plant growth.

Stabilize Your Soil

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